Inter-Cité construction operates from 3 main offices, Quebec City, Saguenay, and Montreal, and under its subsidiary company, Carrière et transport Napoléon Brochu in Sept Iles. Active in civil engineering, road building, dams, tunnels, mining, we perform numerous activities with our own crews in drilling and blasting, crushing and screening, asphalt paving, winter road maintenance, and concrete structures building and repairs. Our clients can be cities, provincial and federal transportation agencies, mining companies, energy producers and other large industrial customers in natural resources exploitation and transformation.


INTER-CITÉ CONSTRUCTION ltd is created by a local group of businessmen from Chicoutimi ; specializing in road building and asphalt paving.


Inter-Cité wins its first major contract for paving the James Bay power dams development access road.


Inter-Cité buys Sablière Drapeau and Quebec-Labrador construction  from Quebec City, and Carrière and Transport Napoléon Brochu , up in Sept Iles, to give Inter-Cité an access to the Quebec City and North Shore markets.


We start doing larger projects in power dams and road building all across the Eastern part of the province of Quebec.   


Acquisition of Carrieres Quebec Inc, one of the largest quarries in Quebec City.


Inter Cité buys Dynamitage Lac-Saint-Jean and becomes active in projects involving drilling and blasting.


Inter-Cité construction bought Les Finitions de Béton (LFB) assets and to complete its line of offer with the concrete forming, concrete repairs and concrete floors finishing business.