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LOGO DE SCAPHANDRIERSScaphandriers Associés inc

Established in 1995, Scaphandriers et associés specializes in underwater civil work, including concrete cutting, drilling and repairs. We offer a highly skilled and experienced diver’s team, among which we have welders and other specialized personnel.

Our professional approach enables us to work with major industrial and maritime companies throughout the Province of Quebec. Workers safety and respect of the environment are our core values and are guiding all of our interventions. Everything is put forward to protect our client’s property and workers in each job that we do.

Some specific types of work that we will perform:

  • Underwater construction
  • Drilling cutting and repairs of concrete underwater structures
  • Drilling/Sampling
  • Video inspection
  • Mechanical material installations
  • Bailout
  • Underwater excavation
  • Welding